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“Our Customer Support team needs to make sure our users are seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. They rely on Looker to see which users they need to contact and prioritize their efforts of reaching out.”

Growth and Product Manager

SkinVision is breaking ground in the fight against cancer. Founded in 2011 by researchers and dermatologists, the early-detection mobile app is helping individuals find, assess, and track the risk of suspicious moles and skin conditions.

Participants in the SkinVision program simply take a hi-res photo of a suspicious spot on their skin and have it evaluated, through the app, for any signs of cancer. The app is even equipped to offer advice and treatment recommendations based on each individual assessment.

With this level of specified medical attention, SkinVision projects they will save 250,000 lives in the next decade.

Data Challenges

When user count topped over a million and the app’s popularity soaring, SkinVision hit a data wall. While they could handle the volume and complexity of their cases, they found the ease of accessing and analyzing their growing data – over disparate data sources – was becoming difficult to manage. With their business users based in the Netherlands and their IT team located in Romania, it was becoming a data nightmare.

Lacking a single source of truth, concerns grew around data definitions, accuracy, reliability, and consistency between teams.

The Tech Stack

To address the problem, SkinVision decided to house all the different data sources under one roof.

They selected the Stitch data integration tool for bringing all the source data into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Stitch proved to be easier to use, delivered faster time-to-value, and was surprisingly cost effective, compared to other tools evaluated.

“Stitch is affordable and easy to work with. We were able to set it up quickly and can trust it to run smoothly,” explains Justus Fokker of Growth Marketing and Product Development.

In need of a solution that would allow users to access this data in a secure and scalable way, SkinVision turned to Looker. As a modern data platform, Looker provided a robust data governance infrastructure and allowed everyone in the company the ability to answer their own questions, while securing control over sensitive information.

Today, Looker makes it easy for all users throughout the company to perform complex analysis, create data visualizations, and build dashboards in a secure, governed environment.