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Ministerie van Zaken

As an expert in Lean Startup, corporate innovation and Growth Hacking, I help companies build new products in a quick and cost efficient way. With Product Design Sprints and Innovation Sprints inspired by Google, I facilitate bringing months of innovation down to three day workshops. At the end of the third day, there will always be one or more tangible prototypes.

Furthermore, I help online companies in building and optimising their online strategy. I will find out who is your exact customer, what problem you are solving for them and make sure you are able to add maximum value for them with your product. I will optimise on process and find the right channels for getting customers and getting traction. Because getting building a great product is only 50% of the work. The other 50% is getting noticed and getting traction.

I am an experienced public speaker on the subjects of Growth Hacking and Lean Startup. If you are interested in having me as a speaker on your event, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.